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Aadi Associates is a firm of Professional Accountants, working to provide a range of Accountancy Services to Companies and Private Individuals. The firm has been set up by a group of young, enthusiastic, highly skilled and motivated professionals who have taken experience from top consulting firms and are extensively experienced in their chosen fields has providing a wide array of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Assurance and Business advisory services to various clients and their stakeholders. For years of experience with small and medium sized businesses and business owners, we are well placed to provide insightful business advice in a wide range of areas ranging from cash flow /debt management, to cutting edge tax planning, to profit improvement strategies. Through the delivery of our core accounting services and regular meetings with business owners, we develop an in-depth understanding of the main drivers in your business. We take our obligation to our clients compliance needs very seriously. We advise on accounting systems, we help construct finance departments for our clients, we advise on most appropriate accounting policies and standards. Our in-house tax professionals will review all areas of tax exposure for our clients. They ensure firstly your company is tax compliant and will then devise clever tax strategies to minimize the tax exposure for companies, their owners & directors.

Accurate Record Keeping Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Bookkeeping is the process of maintaining an accurate record of a company’s business transactions. Business reports are generated using bookkeeping numbers and used to help maintain profitability. Before determining whether you want to invest in a bookkeeping service or try doing the bookkeeping yourself, you need to understand the many advantages of accurate bookkeeping.

Hybrid Accounting

Comprehensive bookkeeping often involves the blending of two accounting systems to get a comprehensive financial picture of the organization. For example, cash accounting is recording transactions when the funds are received by the company, and accrual accounting enters the transaction when the money is earned but not yet received. Both are valid methods of bookkeeping, but a combination of the two will give the business a more comprehensive understanding of its financial position. Accurate bookkeeping is required to keep a hybrid style of books that can help the business owner save money on spending and budget more accurately for future projects.

Money Trail

Following the trail of money as it comes in and out of your business is one of the advantages of accurate bookkeeping. For example, company that employs the double-entry bookkeeping system can see where its money goes and where it came from. When a company purchases an item, it shows up as an expense on one side of the books and an asset on the other side. Creating this detailed money trail allows business owners to know exactly how they are spending money and the value their purchases bring.


Accurate bookkeeping provides up-to-date figures a business owner or manager can access at any time to decide on whether to make an investment or plan a capital purchase. It also helps deliver a complete package to the IRS when reporting taxes, lowers the possibility of an error that could trigger an audit and eliminates the expense of in fees and penalties from having to file an amended corporate tax return.


Collecting expense receipts, gathering payroll data, getting payments to vendors and tracking outstanding invoices are all part of accurate bookkeeping. Without the use of accurate bookkeeping, much of this information would get lost or be improperly filed. Accurate bookkeeping streamlines the process of running a company and lowers the cost of doing business by centralizing the important functions of the accounting department. It also makes the process of generating useful financial reports simple by being a central depository for important company financial information.

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Aadi Associates began by offering filing returns, registration services and helping enterprenuers in legal compliances and today it offers a full commercial support to the enterprenuers. Our aim is to help the enterprenuers on legal requirements